2019-10-12 at Disco Bizarre with Tyler Pope of LCD Soundsystem.
2019-10-26 with Tron from Amsterdam at Disco Bizarre.
2019-11-09 BILLY IDLE'S RECORD RELEASE PARTY with Son of Lee & Mr. Fonk!
2019-12-07 with HOVR at Kabinett der Kuriositäten, Frankfurt am Main.

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2018-04-21, at "Disco Bizarre".
2018-06-01, "Disko Demokratische Republik", Sparwasser, Roma Pigneto, Italy.
2018-06-16, "Disco Bizarre", Kitkatclub, Berlin, Germany.
2018-07-14, with La Nuar at "Disco Bizarre", Kitkatclub, Berlin, Germany.
2018-08-18, with Alexander Arpeggio (spAceLex, MondMusik) and McTadpole (L32, Antientertainers) at Kitkatclub.
2018-09-01, with Daniel Wang at "Disco Bizarre", Kitkatclub, Berlin, Germany.
2018-09-29, at "Disco Bizarre" with Tobi Dei & about the bird.
2018-10-02 at Sisyphos from 1am to 5am!
2018-10-13, with Carolain Luf of Olympe Fatale at "Disco Bizarre".
2018-10-20, with Naughty NMX and Rocco Fetisch of Terranova.
2018-11-10, with Franz 'Underwear' Scala of Wrong Era and Danny Russell.
2018-12-15, with Iner and the Brides at "Disco Bizarre".
2018-12-29 at the 1st Year "Disco Bizarre" ALL*STARS Celebration.
2018-12-31 at the "Disco Bizarre ALL*STARS NYE".
2019-01-12, with Supermarkt, Tadpole and B*nz-the-Bot.
2019-02-02, with Die Made & Das Dirn, Mr Fonk and the DJ Himself.
2019-02-09, with Yes And The Sun (live), Benji DF and Alfred Moliere.
2019-03-02, with DJ Amir of Kon&Amir, NYC.
2019-03-09, with DJ Spranga and Petko Turner at "Disco Bizarre".
2019-03-16, at 17h in the afternoon in Oderbergerstraße: disco bizarre showcase at OYE records.
2019-03-23, with Bernie Tobola (Tingel Tangel, Vienna) and Format Analog.
2019-04-20, with Emil Doesn't Drive & Nomad of VulkanDance.
2019-04-21, Querilla Hit & Run Easter Art by ZMF.
2019-05-03, Voll Schön vs Renates Heimkinder, with Hover at Wilde Renate.
2019-05-18, with Heidy P (Rhythm Phazer) & David Silver (Autarchy, Sisyphon) at Disco Bizarre.
2019-06-08 at Querilla Art & Run.
2019-06-08, with Alex Puddu (the Golden Age of Danish Pornography) & spinnerR (KingSize, Sejf, Cookies) at Disco Bizarre.
2019-06-15, with Snax live & DJ Box Office Poison at Disco Bizarre.
2019-07-13 at Disco Bizarre with those Italo Bitches hitting those keytars live!
2019-07-20 at Disco Bizarre with Ladymonix, Philipp Schultheis & Mr Fonk.
2019-07-27 (afternoon) on the decks of the Solar Sound System at YAAM.
2019-07-27 at Disco Bizarre with Cloud Kinski & Hover.
2019-08-10 at Disco Bizarre with Der Würfler going back to his disco roots + Bosley and Thomasiom live!
2019-08-24 at Disco Bizarre with Pardon Moi (live) & Freudenthal (Feinstoff).
2019-09-07 AFTERNOON, back2back with Voin at his Synthetica Open-Air Festival, playing Gazebo under Festsaal Kreuzberg's gazebo.
2019-09-07 at Disco Bizarre with Dave Thorley of Disco30.
2019-09-14 at Disco Bizarre with Danton Eeprom & Emmanuelle 5.
2019-09-21 at Disco Bizarre with ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK, Mr Fonk and carlo von lynX.